Freedom Road Tour Schedule

10/5/2012 The Bookish Brunette Excerpt
10/6/2012 Lovely Reads Excerpt
10/7/2012 Beauty and the Bookshelf Guest Post Excerpt
10/8/2012 Book Overdose Review Excerpt
10/9/2012 Mom with a Kindle Excerpt
10/10/2012 Dr. Pepper Diva Guest Post
10/11/2012 Promiscuous Diva Guest Post
10/12/2012 A Bibliophile’s Thoughts on Books Excerpt
10/13/2012 A Soul Unsung Excerpt
10/15/2012 Love YA Books Guest Post
10/16/2012 Michelle Shouts Random Review
10/17/2012 The Girl in a Cafe Review
10/18/2012 A Book and a Latte Guest Post Excerpt
10/19/2012 YaReads Guest Post Excerpt

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