OMG! So…

You wrote a book .

You had the EPICALLY amazing Claudia of PhatPuppy Art design you the most gorgeous cover you’ve ever seen.

But now what???? Now you need to PROMOTE it!

You need book bloggers talking about your book on Goodreads, you need *this* person to tell *that* person, who heard from some crazy (and possibly Brunette) chick on twitter… that they heard about *insert your awesome book title* the other day! Facebook, Google+, Twitter… and targeting just the right blogger’s, so as to reach just the right audience!

Simple right? Shyyyyea it is! You already did the hard part, you wrote the book! You chose the BEST cover artist ever to do your cover… now all you need is to get the word out!

Guess where I come in?!?!

This is when you hire The Bookish Brunette and her team of epic book tour hosts take care of everything else!!!!

I know right???

BB Book Tours has over 200 totally AWESOME Hostesses of Hottness  ready to participate in Book Tours & Cover Reveals!!!!



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